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Powder Coating

A coating is only as good as the pretreatment process used to prepare your part. That’s why Reliance Finishing offers more than one process and designed them to treat a wide variety of substrates.

Liquid Coating

Reliance Finishing has been producing liquid coating applications since 1954. Our operations began in what is now Plant Two with a small batch oven, growing over the years into our present capacity.

Plastisol Coating

Developed in the 1920s as a substitute for scarce natural rubber, plastisol is a suspension of PVC particles in a plasticizer; it flows as a liquid at room temperature but becomes solid when heated.

Thermal Deburring

Thermal energy method (TEM), also known as thermal deburring, is a process used to remove hard-to-reach burrs or burrs from multiple surfaces at the same time.