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Versatile Liquid Coating Solution in Grand Rapids

Reliance finishing has been producing liquid coating applications since 1954. Our operations began in what is now plant two with a small batch oven, growing over the years into our present capacity. Our 10 production booths are all custom made by local fabricators. With these custom designed booths, and our decades of experience in offline spraying, we are in a unique position to fully satisfy your particular requirements – quick change over for both parts and colors, special spray masking, and/or paint and wipe applications.

  • 3 production lines
  • 1 automated paint monorail line
  • 1 Fanuc paint robot cell
  • 1 batch oven
  • 6 offline liquid application booths
  • 1 automated chain on edge machine
  • Specialize in die-cast

Liquid Coating in Michigan that’s Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

One of the advantages of liquid coating is its adaptability. Ideal for providing durable coverage to metals or alloys that may begin to rust or otherwise deteriorate; liquid coating is also the preferred option for covering compounds that are unable to withstand the high temperatures used in curing powder coating or electrocoating.

Grand Rapids Liquid Coating to a High Standard

We aim for a 99.5% first-pass yield for most of our applications; this is an ambitious target, but one which we have the capability to meet. Our goal is to offer world class quality to our customers, providing a consistently high-grade solution to their liquid coating requirements. With an emphasis on great results and competitive pricing, we’re the preferred choice for many companies across Michigan.