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World Class Coater

The term World Class is thrown around a lot. But what does it really mean? Consider the following:

  1. On both functional and cosmetic surfaces, Reliance Finishing maintains approximately 99.5% first-pass yield or better for most applications. This is considered World Class.
  2. With real-time yield data posted on computer screens in each plant (right top), we are able to take immediate action when yield data drops into the “Red” zone. This is beyond World Class.
  3. Our technicians review yield data every morning and determine what corrective action steps have to be taken to prevent and eliminate any assignable causes. This too, is World Class.

Real-Time Milage Control

Paint thickness is monitored using the highest tech eddy current meters and part holding fixtures. For example, the screen (right bottom) indicates this part is running in the “Green” with a paint thickness tolerance of .0012″ +/-.0003″ measured on a sphere.

APQP Launch Process

Reliance Finishing is able to submit full Level III AIAG approved PPAP packages. Our custom-designed holding fixtures monitor paint milage to a guage R & R of 6% or better – even on a sphere! Our latest production lines are running at 2 CPK or better.

Real Time Yield Data In Coating Process

Powder Coating Process CPK Monitoring