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For High-Quality Thermal Deburring Services in Grand Rapids

Commonly found on a wide range of metal products, burrs can cause an assortment of problems. Burrs can snag on other components, preventing smooth movement and creating inaccuracies during the assembly process. Unfortunately, successful burr removal can be a challenge, particularly when it’s important that the underlying material remains undamaged in the process. Thermal deburring can provide the perfect solution, quickly removing burrs at the same time as leaving the component in good condition for further surface treatments or coating.

Grand Rapids Thermal Deburring Solution

Thermal deburring works by rapidly oxidizing the burrs, leaving the underlying component unscathed. Because burrs are so much smaller than the rest of the product, they can be quickly eliminated, leaving your parts completely smooth. We have two machines that are capable of deburring high volumes of components successfully, even where the burrs are hidden inside a cavity or on threaded holes. No matter what shape your component may be, we can deburr it completely.

Experienced Provider in Grand Rapids Offering Thermal Deburring and Many Other Processes

We offer a range of high-caliber metal processing services, including deburring and coating. Our team has the capability to undertake a single process on your components, or complete a number of different processes that will leave your parts ready for rapid assembly. Our services can be customized to meet your requirements, so no matter what your deadlines may be, we can get the job done.

Turn to Us for Thermal Deburring in Grand Rapids

We are a well-established company that has a formidable reputation for providing a cost-effective solution to thermal deburring and coating requirements. Our facility can cope with large and small volumes, enabling us to respond flexibly to match your production requirements on time and within the agreed budget. To find out more about what we can offer or to discuss your project with us, you can call us at 616-245-2297.

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