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Achieve Your Coating Aims with a Liquid Plastisol Application in Grand Rapids

Have you considered liquid plastisol as a coating for your products? Originally created as an alternative to natural rubber, liquid plastisol consists of elastomeric particles suspended in plastic. The beauty of this product is that, with the addition of a variety of ingredients, it can be tailored to take on the properties that are needed in order for your product to perform exceptionally well.

Plenty of Options for Plastisol Coating in Grand Rapids

Depending on what your requirements might be, our experienced team can formulate a plastisol that’s unique to your product. Whether you need a coating that has insulating properties, resistance to abrasion or protection against corrosion, UV light, chemicals or weather variations, we can create a perfect plastisol coating to meet your needs.

Well-Established Company with a Track Record of Success

We’ve been providing coating services across Grand Rapids for many years, offering inventive, realistic, effective and affordable solutions to industrial coating challenges. No matter what you’re looking for, our team will work with you to deliver it. With a precise, detailed approach and plenty of experience behind us, we dedicate the time to ensure that every part of your project is carefully planned and meticulously implemented.

Liquid Plastisol Options in Grand Rapids

No matter what type of plastisol project you have in mind, you can rely on us to deliver the job on time and within the agreed budget. We thrive on high volume orders, demanding specifications and tight deadlines, so if you need top quality assistance that gives you the results you crave, call us to discuss your project at 616-245-2297.

Plastisol Coating Chair

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